Another Activist Beaten by Police

The victim’s wife, a Facebook member who goes by the name “Tra Nguyet,” recounts what happened to her husband:
"On the evening of August 18, my husband went down to a restaurant (?) to prepare for his birthday party on the next day.  While he was there, a fight broke out between other customers in the restaurant.
During the fight, while my husband was using his cellphone, someone snatched his necklace. Thanks to the guards, he was able to recover the item.  Afterward, the local police came and asked my husband to come to the police station, supposedly to file a police report of the incident.  He agreed to come because he thought it was normal procedure.  When he arrived at the station, the police asked him to go upstairs, and he followed them upstairs.  Then, they closed the door and asked my husband to sign a report saying that he started a fight with the man who took his necklace.  He refused to sign the report.  At that point, several police officers took turn beating him severely.  My husband remembers the names of two officers (Truc and Tuan) among six people who took part in the beating.  He also remembers the faces of three of them.

They continued to beat him, on and off, from around midnight to 2:30 AM, when they brought him to the hospital.  At the hospital, they did not call his family, and while he was vomiting, a young doctor kicked him in the face and told him, “Go to hell.”

The police did not allow hospital staff to call his family.  Other people who were nearby could see his condition.  They approached him and asked if he was ok, but the police pulled them back and said that it was only a case of drug overdose.  Someone videotaped the scene but the police called him out.  Later, one of those witnesses called and told me that my husband was in a very serious condition at the hospital.  I rushed to the hospital.  When I saw him, I could not hold back tears and anger because they tortured my husband so much. I asked the nurse to get him into the emergency room, but they told me that they have to wait for the order from the police.  At that point, all I could do was to hug him and cry, fearing that he would die.  Finally, they agreed to let him into the emergency room.

The police confiscated all of his money and personal property, including 4.2 million dong in cash, his necklace and other personal items.  I have no idea why they would beat someone so severely and confiscate his property for no reason.  My husband is still in the hospital, and still recovering from the beating."

18 August 2018