Human Rights Stories 2016



[12 -29-2016] Vietnamese authorities raid a civil society training class

[12 -28-2016] Modern slavery fears: Nearly 100 held in nail bar crackdown

[12 -28-2016] Vietnam extends detention for human rights attorney

[12 -28-2016] Saigon-based activist kidnapped, questioned and beaten two times by police

[12 -27-2016] Hanoi-based activist harassed by local authorities

[12 -26-2016] Vietnam upholds sentences against two bloggers for anti-state propaganda

[12 -22-2016] Another Vietnamese activist assaulted by plainclothes police officers

[12 -21-2016] Another blogger arrested as repression in Vietnam intensifies

[12 -21-2016] Vietnam urged to release Christian lawyer

[12 -21-2016] Vietnam’s suppression against local activists continues

[12 -16-2016] Vietnam sends two dissidents to Jail for ‘Activities’ aimed at fomenting a coup

[12 -15-2016] Political blogger Nguyen Ngoc Gia tortured in prison, his health under critical situation

[12 -15-2016] Many Vietnamese activists under house arrest ahead of open trial against two pro-democracy fighters

[12 -13-2016] Smith Religious Freedom Bill heads to President's desk

[12 -13-2016] Vietnam Jails ‘Boat People’ bound for Australia in breach of pledge

[12 -11-2016] The 68th International Human Rights Day and the 2016 Vietnam Human Rights Award

[12 -11-2016] Vietnam activists under house arrest on International Human Rights Day...

[12 -09-2016] EU and Vietnam discuss human rights: Brussels urges release of detainees

[12 -03-2016] Hanoi police allegedly beat activist, attack private residence of blogger with dirty mess

[12 -02-2016] Vietnamese activist kidnapped, tortured and robbed by plainclothes agents

[12 -02-2016] For Vietnamese bishop, no progress in religious freedom can be expected from Hanoi

[11 -30-2016] Vietnam appeals court upholds jail term for land-grab protester

[11 -29-2016] Vietnam sends four women to jail for roadblock protest

[11 -27-2016] Vietnam continues political crackdown, arrests third activist in relation with pro-democracy group

[11 -23-2016] U.N. Human Rights body wants Vietnam to free dissidents

[11 -23-2016] Vietnamese parliament approves law on religions limiting freedom of worship

[11 -22-2016] Vietnam arrests Buddhist monk in relation with newly-established pro-democracy movement

[11 -22-2016] Activists held Incommunicado at risk of torture

[11 -21-2016] Vietnamese workers trafficked into Poland wait to be sent home

[11 -18-2016] U.N. working group seeks release of Vietnamese photographer jailed in 2013

[11 -17-2016] Two Vietnamese activists officially charged with subversion

[11 -13-2016] Violence against women persistent in public spaces

[11 -13-2016] VNHRN Announced 2016 Vietnam Human Rights Award Winners

[11 -11-2016] Association for Support of Victims of Torture debuts in Saigon, vowing to bring CAT to real life

[11 -11-2016] Appeal court for prominent Vietnamese land right activist set on November 30

[11 -10-2016] Vietnam: At a crossroads, 10 years after CPC designation removed

[11 -10-2016] Vietnam cracks down on dissenters

[11 -02-2016] Vietnam police arrest anti-government blogger

[11 -01-2016] Petition signed for blogger’s freedom

[10 -31-2016] Questions after another death in police custody

[10 -30-2016] Amnesty International launches urgent action to protect three activists 

[10 -30-2016] Vietnam Parliament may delay approval of bills on association, penal code

[10 -29-2016] Vietnam authorities continue violent wave against local activists

[10 -28-2016] Three activists face harassment and arrest

[10 -27-2016] Detained Vietnamese prominent blogger yet to have legal assistance

[10 -26-2016] Vietnam ministry asks for more time to revise bill on associations

[10 -26-2016] Hanoi moves to derail drive to file lawsuits against Formosa in Vietnam

[10 -25-2016] Vietnamese drug users make a break for freedom

[10 -22-2016] Draft law on association condemned as unconstitutional

[10 -17-2016] Vietnam: Reform criminal law to respect rights

[10 -17-2016] RSF calls for blogger’s immediate release

[10 -14-2016] UN human rights chief expresses concern about Viet Nam's crackdown on blogger

[10 -13-2016] Urgent Action: Vietnamese human rights blogger arrested

[10 -12-2016] Statement of the Vietnamese Bloggers’ Network on the detention of Blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh

[10 -11-2016] US and EU call on Vietnam to release arrested blogger

[10 -11-2016] Dissident blogger faces prison in Vietnam

[10 -10-2016] Human rights groups urge Vietnamese government to revise draft religion law

[10 -09-2016] Police in Vung Tau detain, assault many activists during workshop on civil society

[10 -05-2016] Vietnam reduces prison sentence for blogger

[10 -04-2016] Censored: journal suspended and editor dismissed

[10 -03-2016] Thousands of Vietnamese protest at Formosa steel plant in Ha Tinh

[09 -26-2016] Hanoi-based human rights defenders blocked from attending RSF’s meeting in Paris

[09 -22-2016] Vietnam court upholds sentences for prominent blogger, his assistant

[09 -22-2016] End ongoing crackdown on peaceful dissent

[09 -24-2016] Petition  in protest of the forced expropriation of Lien Tri Pagoda

[09 -22-2016] Vietnam court upholds sentences for prominent blogger, his assistant

[09 -20-2016] Vietnam jails an activist as Hanoi grabs more land

[09 -20-2016] Vietnam: Free imprisoned bloggers

[09 -20-2016] Viet Nam: Failing to uphold human rights as land rights activist is sentenced to 20 months in prison

[09 -17-2016] Vietnam: Drop charges and free land rights activist

[09 -15-2016] Jailed activist denied proper medical treatment

[09 -12-2016] Vietnam reduces sentences for six police officers torturing suspect to death

[09 -11-2016] Concerns over VN communist authorities' take-over of the Lien Tri Buddhist temple 

[09 -09-2016] Amnesty International calls for release of prisoners of conscience

[09 -08-2016] Ho Chi Minh City authorities seize Lien Tri Pagoda, evicting monks despite strong protest

[09 -07-2016] Hollande presses Vietnam to release jailed dissidents

[09 -07-2016] VN pro-democracy activist detained, interrogated by police

[09 -06-2016] Viet Nam: President Hollande must back one woman’s fight for justice

[09 -04-2016] Human rights organizations urge French President to speak out for human rights during visit to VN

[09 -01-2016] Vietnamese parishioners march to protest lack of compensation from fish kill

[08 -30-2016] Prisoners of conscience on hunger strike in Vietnam

[08 -28-2016] Hanoi police detain land right activist, threatening to place him under house arrest

[08 -27-2016] Viet Nam: Conviction of youth activists highlights authorities’ retrograde attitude to human rights

[08 -26-2016] Vietnam: Prisoner of conscience subject to ill-treatment: Tran Huynh Duy Thuc

[08 -24-2016] UN Human Rights - Asia raises concern about arbitrary detention of human rights activists in Vietnam

[08 -24-2016] Two jailed in Vietnam in closed trial over Facebook offense

[08 -23-2016] Vietnam police extends pre-trial detention for prominent human rights lawyer to 12 months

[08 -21-2016] Prominent political prisoner disciplined for refusing forced, unpaid labor

[08 -17-2016] Ky Anh, 4 thousand Catholics beaten by police for protesting against environmental disaster

[08 -14-2016] Four Vietnamese bloggers assaulted while covering news on environmental dispute

[08 -12-2016] Hoa Hao follower released from prison in Vietnam after sentence ends

[08 -09-2016] Protests continue despite police threat

[08 -06-2016] Hanoi police detain Catholic priest, suspecting him of organizing uprising

[08 -05-2016] Australian statement on the 13th Australia-Vietnam human rights dialogue

[08 -01-2016] HRW: Australia should raise pressing human rights issues in an unambiguous manner...

[07 -17-2016] Hanoi police arrest dozens of anti-China activists...

[07 -16-2016] Vietnam fights human trafficking

[07 -14-2016] Violent Wave against Vietnamese Activists Continues, One Retired Teacher Suffers Heavy Injuries

[07 -12-2016] Amnesty blasts Vietnam on treatment of prisoners of conscience

[07 -10-2016] Two Vietnamese activists brutally beaten by Nghe An police after attending wedding party

[07 -06-2016] Catholic priests in Central Vietnam go up against government in land grab case

[07 -01-2016] VNHRN calls for nominations for the 2016 Vietnam Human Rights Award

[07 -01-2016] Human trafficking in Vietnam 2016

[07 -01-2016] VN Blocks Local Activists from Attending U.S.’s National Day in Hanoi

[06 -30-2016] Mass fish kill in Vietnam solved as Taiwan steelmaker accepts responsibility for pollution

[06 -29-2016] Vietnamese activists, bloggers decry lack of government transparency over mass fish kill

[06 -29-2016] VN arrests former prisoner of conscience amid rising public dissatisfaction

[06 -28-2016] Vietnam delays enforcement of new Penal Code, many shortcomings found

[06 -24-2016] Journalist targeted for comments on air crashes

[06 -23-2016] Vietnam slams door shut on human rights, religious freedom reforms

[06 -22-2016] Vietnamese family harassed, attacked over religious ties

[06 -18-2016] Hanoi: Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres defend their property from land grab

[06 -14-2016] Lŕo Cai: police break up Mass, beat and arrest the faithful

[06 -13-2016] Danang-based activist attacked with dirty mess eight days after tortured by police

[06 -13-2016] Land petitioners detained while peacefully protesting to demand unconditional release of their leader

[06 -10-2016] Vietnam land petitioners’ leader arrested, charged with causing public disorders

[06 -09-2016] Rights groups skeptical of Vietnam's overture to banned group

[06 -08-2016] Vietnamese police question Montagnards living in Phnom Penh

[06 -07-2016] European Parliament resolution on Vietnam

[06 -06-2016] Vietnamese police break up mass fish deaths protest

[06 -05-2016] Vietnam police bus away protesters days after Obama chides on human rights

[06 -05-2016] Vietnam frees long-time jailed priest, but pastor "killed" by military

[06 -04-2016] UN experts urge VN to stop the persecution and torture of religious leaders and rights defenders

[05 -27 -2016] Facebook was shut down in Vietnam for Obama’s visit

[05 -27 -2016] Lawmakers say Obama's actions in Vietnam ignore human rights abuses

[05 -26 -2016] Vietnam jails four asylum seekers returned by Australia

[05 -26 -2016] Vietnam activist detained, severely beaten by police during Obama’s visit

[05 -24 -2016] Obama presses Vietnamese on human rights abuses as dissidents are barred from meeting him

[05 -23 -2016] Cornyn to offer Vietnam human rights legislation as amendment to defense bill

[05 -23 -2016] Vietnam gets to vote in elections, but the Communist Party picks who’s on the ballot

[05 -22 -2016] Free Tran Huynh Duy Thuc: Petition of the Vietnamese people living in and outside Vietnam

[05 -20 -2016] Vietnam frees political prisoner days before Barack Obama visit

[05 -20 -2016] Vietnam: Obama's visit should advance human rights

[05 -19 -2016] Government tries to force dissident into exile

[05 -18 -2016] Vietnamese rights advocates pressure White House

[05 -17 -2016] VN prominent prisoner of conscience plans long-lasting hunger strike, rejecting to live in exile in U.S.

[05 -17 -2016] Vietnam rejects UNHCR's unverified information

[05 -06 -2016] Vietnam squawks at Korean democracy prize

[05 -05 -2016] VNHRN Releases Report on Human Rights in Vietnam 2015

[05 -05 -2016] UN Human Rights Office concerned about implications of environmental disaster in Vietnam

[05 -02 -2016] Two arrested in connection with Vietnam fish death protests

[05 -02 -2016] Probe called for torture of Vietnamese Christian activist

[04 -28 -2016] Vietnam: Wife of detained pastor 'beaten and tortured' by local authorities

[04 -26 -2016] President Obama: Press Vietnam to release imprisoned activists

[04 -21 -2016] Vietnam says US human rights report 'biased'

[04 -21 -2016] Bersih 2.0, Vietnamese activist win Gwangju Prize for Human Rights

[04 -04 -2016] Vietnam: 7 Convicted in one week

[04 -03 -2016] Repressive police chief becomes president

[03 -30 -2016] Vietnam jails blogger, 3 land activists for ‘anti-state propaganda’

[03 -25 -2016] Vietnamese political prisoners end hunger strike after authorities relent

[03 -23 -2016] Vietnam throws the book at Ba Sam bloggers

[03 -22 -2016] Vietnam: Drop charges against prominent bloggers

[03 -15 -2016] Visitors to Vietnamese activist face harassment

[03 -14 -2016] Uncertain fate of trade deals in human rights limelight

[03 -08 -2016] Cassidy introduces bill to compel human rights advances in Vietnam as part of U.S. relations

[03 -03 -2016] Amnesty International urgent action: Safety concerns for Vietnamese activist

[02 -25 -2016] Activists rally for election in Vietnam, challenging communist rule

[02 -18 -2016] Authorities block all access to detained lawyer

[02 -02 -2016] Vietnam: Release Prisoner of Conscience Bůi Thị Minh Hằng (UA 28/16)

[01 -27 -2016] Vietnam: End Thuggish Repression of Activists

[01 -25 -2016] Senate Republicans: Punish Vietnam for human rights abuses

[01 -21 -2016] Cambodia changes its approach to Montagnard refugees from Vietnam

[01 -19 -2016] US/ASEAN: Make Rights Central to Summit

[01 -19 -2016] German cardinal denied access to Vietnam diocese

[01 -19 -2016] Vietnam: Hold elections for country’s leaders

[01 -16 -2016] Religious freedom attacked again with Catholics and Buddhists as the main target

[01 -15 -2016] Prominent Vietnam activist released from jail but has nowhere to live

[01 -11 -2016] Harassment of Vietnamese rights workers intensifies




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