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Report on Human Rights in Vietnam 2015



Press Release

May 05, 2016


The Vietnam Human Rights Network (VNHRN) today releases the Report on Human Rights in Vietnam 2015, which is the result of a cooperative work between VNHRN and a number of human rights activists inside Vietnam.


In English

In Vietnamese


The report aims at covering human rights practices in Vietnam in 2015 based on the criteria set out in the International Bill of Human Rights, specifically in the following areas:

- The right to live in liberty and with physical well being

- The right to fair trials by independent and impartial courts

- The right to participate in national political life

- The right to freedom of expression, and freedom of speech

- The right to freedom of religion, and worship

- The right to work, and to enjoy the fruits of labor

- The right to equal treatment, and without discrimination

- The right to have social security.


With the report, the VNHRN not only alerts world opinion about the deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam, but also calls for Vietnam authorities to stop the violations which have existed for many years, and to pay damages to the victims. VNHRN also urges democratic governments and international human rights organizations to confront Vietnam with its unacceptable record on human rights; and especially to prevent Vietnam from abusing its UN Human Rights Council membership.


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