Hanoi Police Allegedly Beat Activist, Attack Private Residence of Blogger with Dirty Mess


By Defend the Defenders

December 3, 2016


One activist in Hanoi was beaten brutally while the private residence of another was attacked with dirty mess on December 02, and the perpetrators were likely plainclothes agents, the victim said on social networks.

Blogger Dinh Hong Quyen, who has actively participated in charity and pro-democracy campaigns, was assaulted by a group of plainclothes when he was traveling in Dinh Cong street.

The attackers broke his nose and caused other injuries on his body, the victim said, suggesting the assault may be a revenge of Hanoiís police for his assistance given to land petitioners and covering news on the suppression against Hanoiís activists on the day of appeal of land rights activist Can Thi Theu on November 30.

Meanwhile, blogger Nguyen Tuong Thuy, vice president of the unsanctioned Independent Journalist Association of Vietnam (IJAVN), said his house was attacked with dirty mess of wasted oil, decaying shrimp and two dog heads during the night of Friday.

In the morning of Saturday, Mr. Thuy blamed the police in Thanh Tri district where he resides for the attack. He tried to contact a senior police officer who is head of the police team responsible for surveillance his house by cell phone but the cop did not answer.

Two days ago, Mr. Thuy organized a small party with participation of many activists in Hanoi to celebrate the 68th International Human Rights Day [December 10].

Recently, Hanoi police has maintained close surveillance on Mr. Thuy and many other activists, not allowing them to go out to prevent them from participating in peaceful gatherings.

Persecution against local dissidents, social activists and human rights defenders has been in all corners in Vietnam recently.

On the same day, pro-democracy activist and human rights defender Nguyen Cong Huan from Yen Thanh district, Nghe An, was kidnapped, tortured and robbed by a group of plainclothes agents when he travelled by bus to attend a wedding party of his fellow in Vinh city.


The story was posted on: http://www.vietnamhumanrightsdefenders.net/2016/12/03/hanoi-police-allegedly-beat-activist-attack-private-residence-of-blogger-with-dirty-mess/


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