Trial against Pro-democracy Activist Nguyen Nang Tinh Scheduled on October 17



Defend the Defenders | October 13, 2019


Authorities in Vietnam’s central province of Nghe An have suddenly announced that the province’s People’s Court will hold the first-instance hearing against local pro-democracy campaigner Nguyen Nang Tinh on October 17 in its headquarters in Vinh City. The activist was arrested on May 29 and charged with “conducting anti-state propaganda” under Article 117 of the 2015 Criminal Code, with imprisonment of between seven and 12 years if is convicted.


One week before the planned trial, Tinh’s lawyers find hard to obtain documents of the case. The province’s police have not allowed the lawyers to make copies of the document so the attorney had requested postponing the trial, however, their request was rejected.


Police in the central province of Khanh Hoa have completed the investigation against Hanoi-based human rights lawyer Tran Vu Hai and his wife Ngo Tuyet Phuong, proposing the province’s People’s Procuracy to prosecute the couple and two local residents on allegation of tax evasion in a trumped-up case of property deal in 2014. Hai may face imprisonment of up two years in prison if is convicted.


Police in Ba Don town, Quang Binh province arrested local activist Nguyen Van Thanh on October 10 and later announced that he will be investigated for an allegation of “rape a person under 16 years old.” It is likely Thanh, 29 years old, fell into police’s trap as the local police are striving to silence his pro-democracy activist.


Prisoners of conscience Nguyen Ngoc Anh and Huynh Truong Ca are under persecution while serving their sentences in prison. While Mr. Anh was brutally beaten by an inmate backed by police, Ca is denied of proper medical treatment for his severe diseases which are result of inhumane treatment in prison.


Human Rights Watch has issued a statement calling on Vietnam’s communist regime to immediately and unconditionally release pro-democracy activist Nguyen Quoc Duc Vuong, who use his Facebook to criticize the government on various issues, including human rights abuse and weak response to China’s violations of the country in the East Sea (South China Sea). The call was made two weeks after he was arrested and charged with “conducting anti-state propaganda” under Article 117 of the Criminal Code.


Relatives of five members of the unsanctioned group Hiến Pháp (Constitution) are planning to appeal the decision of Ho Chi Minh City’s Police Department to arrest them in early September last year and hold them in custody for more than 13 months to investigate on the allegation of “disruption of security” under Article 118 of the Criminal Code. The activists have not been allowed to meet with their lawyers since their detention.


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