2nd Congress

After reviewing the Network's activities in the past year and their outcomes;

After discussing the issues related to the development of the Network and the improvement of its activities;

After exchanging viewpoints on human rights as well as the effects of the Human Rights law on the fight for these rights;

The Vietnam Human Rights Network, at the closure of its second two-day congress held in Santa Ana, Southern California, on November 17 and 18, 1998, resolved:

  • First: To strengthen the liaison and coordination among organizations and individuals within the Network and invite the participation of all people wide and large;
  • Second: To solidify and develop cooperative links between the Network and human rights organizations around the world, especially those in Asia and among Vietnamese communities abroad;
  • Third: To increase the expansion of knowledge and principles of human rights to Vietnamese in the country as well as overseas for human rights to be properly respected;
  • Fourth: To provide Vietnamese in the country, by all means, with all information about human rights and support for human rights activities;
  • Fifth: To replace the English name "Vietnam Human Rights Coalition" with "Vietnam Human Rights Network".

Made in Santa Ana, Southern California, October 18, 1998

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