Press Release

August 23, 2021


Vietnam Human Rights Network concluded its 15th  Congress


The Vietnam Human Rights Network (VNHRN) held its 15th  Congress in Little Saigon, California, USA, on August 22, 2021.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, most of the members attended via ZOOM, and the Congress program was also shortened within one day instead of two days like previous congresses.

The Congress reviewed the VNHRN’s activities over the past two years in the areas of information - education, support for human rights activists, and international advocacy.

Following the guest speaker Nguyen Van Dai’s speech on the topic “how to effectively support the  Vietnamese human rights movement in the current situation,” the Congress discussed Vietnam’s current situation and set out essential strategies and tasks for the time to come. The effective use of modern media to fight for human rights and support for human rights activists in difficulties are singled out as the most momentous tasks.

The  Meeting elected the Executive Board and Supervisory Board for the term 2021-2023. The following members are trusted in the new Executive Board: Dr. Nguyen Ba Tung, Ms. Tam An, and Mr. Doan The Cuong. In addition, the following members are elected for the new Supervisory Board: Prof. Do Anh Tai, Prof. Nguyen Chinh Ket, and Mr. Vu Hoang Hai.

The Congress also approved the Declaration on the current human rights situation in Vietnam. The following is the full text of the Statement:


STATEMENT OF The Vietnam Human Rights Network's 15th congress


The 15th Congress of the Vietnam Human Rights Network, held in Little Saigon, Southern California, the USA, on August 22, 2021, observes that:

- The human rights situation in Vietnam is getting worse and worse. Before and after the 13th Congress of the CPV and the 15th National Assembly election, the Vietnamese government has increased repression of fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech, movement, and assembly... The number of people being arbitrarily arrested and detained has surpassed any record; the unjust sentences they had to endure were much harsher than those of the exact charges in previous years.

- Especially during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Vietnamese government abused anti-epidemic regulations to increase suppression of dissenting voices; Meanwhile, the vast majority of the poor have been pushed into misery and despair caused by the government’s mismanagement and unjust policy.

From the above observations, the Vietnam Human Rights Network solemnly states:

1. The Vietnamese government must immediately stop arbitrary arrests and detention, immediately and unconditionally release all peaceful human rights activists, and stop abusing anti-epidemic measures to limit fundamental rights and persecute dissidents;

2. The Vietnamese government must fight against the Covid-19 epidemic and provide relief to the victims in a transparent, non-discriminatory manner;

3. VNHRN actively supports individuals and organizations in Vietnam who are making efforts to promote and fight for fundamental human rights;

4. VNHRN calls on overseas Vietnamese to continue to step up their work to support human rights struggles in Vietnam, especially Vietnamese-American compatriots, to actively campaign for the 2021 Vietnam Human Rights Bill (HR 3001).

5. VNHRN calls on the international community, especially those countries that have traded with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, to pressure the Vietnamese government to fulfill its obligation to respect fundamental human rights that it has committed to honoring when ratifying international conventions on human rights.

Little Saigon, California, USA, August 22, 2021



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