Vietnamese Activist Phan Van Bach Detained Without Disclosure


Ayesha Mumtaz – BNN | January 2, 2024

On December 29, Phan Van Bach, former contributor to the YouTube channel CHTV, was taken into custody from his residence in the Dong Da district of Hanoi. The alarming fact is that Bach’s family was kept uninformed about his detention for a total of five days, as confirmed by his wife Nguyen Thi Lieu.

CHTV, an independent YouTube channel, is known for its focus on social injustice issues prevalent in Vietnam. Bach was a part of this platform from 2017 till 2019. Throughout his tenure, he discussed a variety of topics, including criticisms of the regime and societal issues. Post his involvement, he officially announced his departure from the channel.

Arbitrary Detentions by Vietnamese Authorities

The Vietnamese authorities have a notorious reputation for detaining activists without the immediate disclosure of arrest warrants or charges. Bach, who is now 48, has a history of involvement in peaceful demonstrations on various issues. These include China’s activities in the South China Sea, environmental disasters, and the government’s crackdowns on dissidents. He also lent his support to campaigns advocating for the release of detained activists.

Several members of CHTV, including its founder Vu Quang Thuan, are currently imprisoned on charges of anti-state propaganda. Bach’s recent activities were associated with a company involved in sending Vietnamese abroad as guest workers.




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