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[04 -19-2016] Hoa Hao Buddhists protest against harassment, beatings in Vietnam’s An Giang

[04 -16-2016] Land grabbing in Hanoi results in violence

[04 -14-2016] Two activists kidnapped, beaten and bobbed in Quang Binh, second case within two months

[04 -05-2016] Two Hanoi-based activists beaten while holding Facebook live stream about Formosa

[04 -04-2016] Detained lawyer gets recognition from German judges

[03 -31-2016] Vietnam’s Pham Thanh Nghien named finalist for Rights Defenders at Risk Award

[03 -29-2016]  US Presents jailed Vietnam blogger with Women of Courage Award in Absentia

[03 -27-2016] Vietnam jails online graft whistleblower for bribery

[03 -24-2016] Vietnam cracks down on unsanctioned Hoa Hao, Cao Dai religious groups

[03 -22-2016] Vietnamese authorities arrest two bloggers for ‘spreading propaganda against the state

[03 -21-2017] Vietnam blogger arrested while interviewing school students about child sex abuse

[03 -09-2017] Vietnam 'needs to halt repression' of women activists

[03 -08-2017] UN rights experts condemn Viet Nam for incommunicado detention of blogger ‘Mother Mushroom’

[03 -07-2017] Rights group chides Vietnam for treatment of women, human rights defenders

[03 -06-2017] Two Vietnamese Christian leaders abducted, beaten with metal rods

[03 -05-2017] Vietnam’s persecution of dissent continues

[03 -03-2017] Vietnam arrested two dissidents for “making and distributing video clips with bad content”

[02 -23-2017] Rights group condemns police attack on parishioners in Vietnam

[02 -17-2017] Vietnam violently disperses peaceful gatherings on 38th anniversary of China’s invasion in Vietnam

[02 -16-2017] Vietnamese labor activist Doan Huy Chuong released from prison

[02 -16-2017] Catholics assaulted by police for rallying against nation’s worst environmental disaster

[02 -13-2017] Prominent Vietnamese rights defender released from prison

[02 -11-2017] Vietnam imprisoned pastor in critical situation, placed in solitary cell since October last year

[02 -07-2017] Petition pushes Hanoi to release Vietnamese activist

[02 -06-2017] Vietnamese commune targeted by protestors over Formosa spill payments

[01 -28-2017] Vietnam told to stop treating journalists as criminals

[01 -27-2017] Human Rights Watch calls out Vietnam for new wave of arrests of critics

[01 -25-2017] RSF decries arrests of three activist bloggers in Vietnam

[01 -24-2017] Vietnam hits activist with Article 88 anti-state charge

[01 -23-2017] UN Human Rights Asia expressed concern about arrest of HR activist Tran Thi Nga

[01 -21-2017] Activist arrested just days before Tet

[01 -17-2017] Khmer Krom: Confiscation of indigenous sacred land in Vietnam

[01 -13-2017] Vietnam sends a dissident to France but blocks another from leaving

[01 -13-2017] Many activists in HCM City barred from meeting with outgoing Kerry

[01 -06-2017] Vietnamese dissident attorney's house vandalized by thugs

[01 -04-2017] After fleeing the police, a Vietnamese man dies from ‘lack of oxygen’

[12 -29-2016] Vietnamese authorities raid a civil society training class

[12 -28-2016] Modern slavery fears: Nearly 100 held in nail bar crackdown

[12 -28-2016] Vietnam extends detention for human rights attorney

[12 -28-2016] Saigon-based activist kidnapped, questioned and beaten two times by police

[12 -27-2016] Hanoi-based activist harassed by local authorities

[12 -26-2016] Vietnam upholds sentences against two bloggers for anti-state propaganda

[12 -22-2016] Another Vietnamese activist assaulted by plainclothes police officers

[12 -21-2016] Another blogger arrested as repression in Vietnam intensifies

[12 -21-2016] Vietnam urged to release Christian lawyer

[12 -21-2016] Vietnam’s suppression against local activists continues

[12 -16-2016] Vietnam sends two dissidents to Jail for ‘Activities’ aimed at fomenting a coup

[12 -15-2016] Political blogger Nguyen Ngoc Gia tortured in prison, his health under critical situation

[12 -15-2016] Many Vietnamese activists under house arrest ahead of open trial against two pro-democracy fighters

[12 -13-2016] Smith Religious Freedom Bill heads to President's desk

[12 -13-2016] Vietnam Jails ‘Boat People’ bound for Australia in breach of pledge

[12 -11-2016] The 68th International Human Rights Day and the 2016 Vietnam Human Rights Award

[12 -11-2016] Vietnam activists under house arrest on International Human Rights Day...

[12 -09-2016] EU and Vietnam discuss human rights: Brussels urges release of detainees

[12 -03-2016] Hanoi police allegedly beat activist, attack private residence of blogger with dirty mess

[12 -02-2016] Vietnamese activist kidnapped, tortured and robbed by plainclothes agents

[12 -02-2016] For Vietnamese bishop, no progress in religious freedom can be expected from Hanoi

[11 -30-2016] Vietnam appeals court upholds jail term for land-grab protester

[11 -29-2016] Vietnam sends four women to jail for roadblock protest

[11 -27-2016] Vietnam continues political crackdown, arrests third activist in relation with pro-democracy group

[11 -23-2016] U.N. Human Rights body wants Vietnam to free dissidents

[11 -23-2016] Vietnamese parliament approves law on religions limiting freedom of worship

[11 -22-2016] Vietnam arrests Buddhist monk in relation with newly-established pro-democracy movement

[11 -22-2016] Activists held Incommunicado at risk of torture

[11 -21-2016] Vietnamese workers trafficked into Poland wait to be sent home

[11 -18-2016] U.N. working group seeks release of Vietnamese photographer jailed in 2013

[11 -17-2016] Two Vietnamese activists officially charged with subversion

[11 -13-2016] Violence against women persistent in public spaces

[11 -13-2016] VNHRN Announced 2016 Vietnam Human Rights Award Winners

[11 -11-2016] Association for Support of Victims of Torture debuts in Saigon, vowing to bring CAT to real life

[11 -11-2016] Appeal court for prominent Vietnamese land right activist set on November 30

[11 -10-2016] Vietnam: At a crossroads, 10 years after CPC designation removed

[11 -10-2016] Vietnam cracks down on dissenters

[11 -02-2016] Vietnam police arrest anti-government blogger

[11 -01-2016] Petition signed for blogger’s freedom



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