Vietnam arrests 2 Facebook users over ‘vaguely written’ Article 331

Rights groups say law is frequently used by the government to silence critics.


RFA | 2024.04.29

Vietnam arrested two Facebook users over the weekend under Article 331, a vaguely written law that rights groups have said is often used by the government to silence dissent.

On Saturday, police in the northwestern province of Dien Bien arrested Bui Thi Linh, 35, for posting links to articles and livestreaming videos related to the arrest of her husband last year on drug charges.

The videos violated Article 331 because they abused “the rights to democracy and freedom to violate the legitimate rights and interests of the State, the rights and interests of organizations and individuals,” the Capital City’s Security online newspaper said.

According to the authorities, her posts offended the honor and dignity of numerous officers and leaders of the Dien Bien Police, Dien Bien People’s Procuracy, and Dien Bien Phu City People’s Court. She was also accused of resisting law enforcement and non-cooperation, leading to her compulsory return to the police station for questioning.

Then on Sunday, police in the capital Hanoi arrested Duong Minh Cuong, 28. Authorities have yet to explain the details surrounding his arrest.

Translated by Anna Vu. Edited by Eugene Whong.




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