Human Rights Stories 2023



[2023-12-29] Vietnam: RSF calls for the release of ailing journalist deprived of medical care

[2023-12-29] Relatives say imprisoned Vietnamese journalist’s health declining

[2023-12-28] Vietnamese court sentences 3 ex-officers in detainee’s beating death

[2023-12-26] Outspoken former Vietnam lawmaker facing additional criminal charge

[2023-12-22] Vietnam Among Top 10 Countries for Detained Journalists: RSF 2023 Report

[2023-12-22] 27 Vietnamese Workers Saved from Human Trafficking in the Philippines

[2023-12-21] US religious freedom commission urges Thailand not to deport Hmong activist to Vietnam

[2023-12-20] Outspoken lawmaker expelled from Communist Party

[2023-12-19] Family of political prisoner describes his ordeal behind bars

[2023-12-19] Vietnamese dissidents, families filmed by the police

[2023-12-19] Response to Xi Jinping's recent Hanoi visit muted as atmostphere of fear persist in critics, activists

[2023-12-13] H’mong activist arrested by Thai police after denouncing Vietnam’s rights violations

[2023-12-12] Vietnamese man gets 8 years for Facebook posts

[2023-12-10] The Vietnam Human Rights Award Ceremony in Toronto City, Canada

[2023-12-08] NGOs at COP28 demand Vietnam free climate advocates before it gets energy funding

[2023-12-07] Authorities in Ho Chi Minh City push ahead with controversial development plan

[2023-12-07] Eight Asia-Pacific nations ‘closed’ to democratic freedoms: CIVICUS

[2023-12-07] Over 300 Vietnamese sent home from Myanmar

[2023-12-04] Vietnam expels Khmer Krom monk for being ‘uncooperative’

[2023-11-30] Six more Montagnards wanted by Vietnamese police in Dak Lak attacks

[2023-11-29] Vietnam lawmakers pass law creating new grassroots security force

[2023-11-29] Vietnam officials monitor funeral for head of banned Buddhist church

[2023-11-27] Thai police arrest 11 Montagnards near Bangkokt

[2023-11-27] Former prisoner of conscience Nguyen Viet Dung flees Vietnam for Thailand

[2023-11-22] Dak Lak authorities intensify repression against Vietnam’s Church of Christ

[2023-11-18] Vietnam Human Rights Network Released Its Report on Human Rights in Vietnam 2022-2023 and Announced The 2023 Vietnam Human Rights Award Results.

[2023-11-16] Vietnam police arrest outspoken official

[2023-11-16] UN expert accuses Vietnam of targeting human rights defenders

[2023-11-15] Redemptorists in Vietnam demand return of Hanoi monastery

[2023-11-13] Petition to save two death row prisoners in Vietnam

[2023-11-06] Vietnam releases 4 independent Protestants after 5 days’ detention

[2023-11-06] Detained Vietnamese blogger allowed to send letter to family

[2023-11-02] Unofficial Vietnamese church members languish in detention

[2023-11-02] 2023 U.S.-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue

[2023-10-31] Vietnamese police arrest dozens of construction site protesters

[2023-10-31] Vietnam sentences Facebook user to 3 ½ years for videos

[2023-10-27] Rights lawyer arrives in US one year after police blocked departure

[2023-10-25] URGENT APPEAL : Land rights defender Trinh Ba Phuong continues to be tortured in prison

[2023-10-25] Family of executed Vietnamese man receives his final letter

[2023-10-19] In Vietnam, climate arrests spark calls to halt energy transition deal

[2023-10-17] Imprisoned Vietnamese activist ‘Onion Bae’ denied family visits

[2023-10-16] Alleged Vietnam spyware targeting foreign officials 'unacceptable': EU

[2023-10-15] Guards beat Vietnamese political prisoners for staging protest

[2023-10-09] Vietnam-aligned hackers attempted to hack US lawmakers and journalists

[2023-10-08] Vietnam’s Arrest of Environmentalists Draws Fire Amid Surge of Funding for Green Transition

[2023-10-05] RSF urges for release of journalist Pham Doan Trang on the third anniversary of her arrest

[2023-10-04] Vietnam sentences Christian to 8 years for ‘undermining unity’

[2023-09-29] UN rights office condemns crackdown on climate activists

[2023-09-29] US condemns Vietnam’s jailing of prominent climate activist on tax charges

[2023-09-29] How distressed call to BBC helped rescue of six women trapped in refrigerated lorry in France

[2023-09-29] Hammered: Vietnamese gets 6 years after cursing Uncle Ho when drunk

[2023-09-28] Vietnamese climate activist jailed in ‘unjust’ government crackdown

[2023-09-25] Vietnam music teacher loses appeal against 8-year sentence

[2023-09-25] UN worried about Vietnam arrest of energy expert after Biden's visit

[2023-09-23] Vietnam executes death row prisoner Le Van Manh

[2023-09-22] Diplomatic missions call on Vietnam to stay inmate’s execution

[2023-09-22] Vietnamese NGOs shy from UN engagement fearing government reprisal

[2023-09-20] Days after Biden's visit, Vietnam detains energy expert

[2023-09-19] Vietnam orders People’s Committees to eliminate controversial church

[2023-09-18] Vietnam activists to seek US refuge after Biden administration deal: US officials

[2023-09-17] Jailed Vietnamese activist punished after unsuccessful appeal

[2023-09-15] Early release of a prominent Vietnamese journalist: RSF insist that he should never have been imprisoned

[2023-09-13] Vietnam releases activist 18 months early

[2023-09-11] Biden accused of sidelining Vietnam and India rights over strategic interests

[2023-09-09] Vietnam: Biden Should Raise Rights on Hanoi Visit

[2023-09-08] Vietnam tries to force ethnic minority church members to recant faith

[2023-09-08] Release from prison in Vietnam: Human rights activist freed

[2023-09-07] In a first, Vietnam admits government accountability in Dak Lak attacks

[2023-09-06] Vietnamese political prisoner Dang Dinh Bach ‘assaulted by jailers’

[2023-09-05] Family blames police brutality for death of 28-year-old Vietnamese man

[2023-09-01] Human Rights Organizations Urge President Biden To Raise Human Rights Issues With Vietnamese Authorities

[2023-09-01] Political prisoners in Vietnam’s Prison No. 6 face threats from inmates

[2023-08-30] Vietnam activist ‘Onion Bae’ loses appeal against 5½ year sentence

[2023-08-29] Hundreds of thousands trafficked to work as online scammers in SE Asia, says UN report

[2023-08-29] Vietnamese court upholds 8-year sentence for activist Tran Bang

[2023-08-28] Vietnam: Free Democracy Campaigners Rights Activists

[2023-08-25] Job-seeking Vietnamese teens trafficked to Laos, family members say

[2023-08-24] Vietnam charges activist who headed petition drives in coastal Ha Tinh province

[2023-08-21] Vietnam Human Rights Network Concluded Its 16th Congress

[2023-08-18] Popular comedian detained, beaten and fined for YouTube videos, relative says

[2023-08-14] Family meets with death-row prisoner who was set for execution

[2023-08-11] UN Demands Halt To Imminent Vietnam Execution

[2023-08-09] Vietnam: Halt the arbitrary execution of death row prisoner Nguyen Van Chuong

[2023-08-09] Vietnam says there are no Montagnards in its Central Highlands

[2023-08-08] RSF makes German newspaper taz accessible again despite presumed regime blocking

[2023-08-04] Two years after prison release, Hoa Hao follower arrested again in Vietnam

[2023-08-04] 2022 Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World - Update on Vietnam

[2023-08-01] Cloud company assisted 17 different government hacking groups, U.S. researchers say

[2023-07-31] Police arrest activists for Khmer Krom minority in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region

[2023-07-28] Vietnam cracks down on social media anonymity with national digital database

[2023-07-28] Vietnam Orders Social Media Firms to Cut ‘Toxic’ Content Using AI

[2023-07-28] Imprisoned pastor faces health issues

[2023-07-26] Vietnam: Anti-corruption journalist kidnapped in Thailand charged for “propaganda against state”

[2023-07-20] Vietnam arrests blogger who went missing in Thailand in April

[2023-07-19] Vietnam to let Vatican appoint resident representative

[2023-07-17] Vietnam arrests former health teacher for ‘anti-state propaganda’

[2023-07-17] Deadly Conflict in Vietnam's Central Highlands Ramps Up Persecution of Ethnic Minorities

[2023-07-13] Vietnam land rights activist loses appeal against 6-year prison term

[2023-07-13] Vietnamese online news outlet to go dark after government inspection report

[2023-07-11] Vietnam releases 74-year-old Australian democracy activist after 4 years

[2023-07-11] Smuggler sentenced to prison for deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants who suffocated in truck in UK

[2023-07-03] Vietnam gives activist 6-year sentence for trying to start new political party

[2023-07-03] Vietnam Calls for Tech Giants to Use AI to Remove ‘Anti-State’ Content

[2023-07-02] Vietnamese pastor denied medical treatment in prison

[2023-07-01] Open Call for Nominations for the 2023 Vietnam Human Rights Award

[2023-06-28] After 6 years in prison, Vietnam frees father and son adherents of Buddhist group

[2023-06-25] Christians Fear Implication in Attack on Government in Vietnam

[2023-06-23] Fleeing Vietnam, human rights lawyers arrive in U.S. following police summons

[2023-06-23] Vietnam to prosecute 84 for alleged involvement in Dak Lak attacks

[2023-06-23] LIV Collaborates with IHRLC to File a Petition for the Release of Four Detained Vietnamese Human Rights Defenders

[2023-06-22] European Parliament members demand explanations on human rights clauses in the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement

[2023-06-16] Vietnamese police arrest more than 50 in attacks on commune offices

[2023-06-14] Montagnards deny involvement in violent clashes in Vietnam’s central highlands

[2023-06-14] FCDO statement: arrest of Vietnamese climate advocate

[2023-06-13] Montagnard religious groups say they weren’t involved in attacks on police stations

[2023-06-11] Armed group attacks Vietnamese police stations, 39 people arrested

[2023-06-08] Jailed Vietnamese climate activist to start hunger strike on Friday

[2023-06-08] EU: Press Vietnam to End Rights Abuses

[2023-06-07] Germany alarmed by detention of Vietnam climate activist, warns on coal phase-out pact with Hanoi

[2023-06-06] Vietnam court sentences music teacher to 8 years in prison

[2023-06-05] Wife of Vietnamese music teacher on trial calls for his release

[2023-06-05] Vietnam: Free Anti-Corruption Campaigner

[2023-06-02] US, UN criticize Vietnam's detention of climate activist

[2023-06-02] UN: Viet Nam – Detention of environmental human rights defender Hoang Thi Minh Hong

[2023-06-01] Vietnamese climate activist arrested for ‘tax evasion’

[2023-05-30] Outlawed church group makes comeback in Vietnam

[2023-05-26] Vietnam Noodle Vendor Jailed For Mocking Security Minister

[2023-05-26] Vietnam's human rights record is being scrutinized ahead of $15 billion climate deal

[2023-05-24] Climate Justice and human rights groups worldwide launch one-month relay hunger strike calling for urgent release of Vietnamese climate leader, Dang Dinh Bach

[2023-05-23] Vietnamese prisoner of conscience accuses jailers of giving him contaminated water

[2023-05-22] Religious leaders ask US to sanction Vietnamese government officials

[2023-05-22] Rights groups call on UN refugee chief to push Vietnam to free two detained bloggers

[2023-05-22] UN working group faults Vietnam for arbitrary detention of climate activist

[2023-05-19] 11 Dead In China-Vietnam Border Road Accident Linked To Human Trafficking

[2023-05-17] Vietnam denies UN inquiries about alleged repression of Khmer Krom minority

[2023-05-15] Report: Vietnam Religious Freedom Violations Escalate

[2023-05-15] Vietnamese anti-coal campaigner freed early from prison

[2023-05-12] Vietnamese activist sentenced to 8 years in jail for Facebook posts

[2023-05-09] Vietnam to crack down on anonymous social media accounts

[2023-05-04] UN working group issues opinion on detention of Vietnamese political prisoner

[2023-05-02] US urged to address persecution in Vietnam

[2023-05-02] Vietnamese scholar Nguyen Quang A stopped from traveling abroad

[2023-05-02] Religious Freedom Commission calls out India, Nigeria and Vietnam for abuses

[2023-04-28] Screams from abducted Vietnamese blogger heard on Thai security camera video

[2023-04-27] Activist known as ‘Onion Leaf Bae’ kept from meeting lawyer

[2023-04-25] Police give no information on detained Vietnamese blogger after end of custody period

[2023-04-25] Baton-wielding Vietnamese police crush protest against drainage project

[2023-04-22] Vietnamese Accused of Kidnapping Critical Blogger Who Fled to Thailand

[2023-04-20] Vietnamese workers in Taiwan sacrifice happiness to give families a better life

[2023-04-18] Friends say it’s likely Vietnamese blogger was abducted from Bangkok

[2023-04-18] Vietnam must release journalist Nguyen Lan Thang

[2023-04-17] Vietnamese police confirm missing blogger is in their custody

[2023-04-11] Vietnamese authorities summon human rights lawyers again

[2023-04-10] Vietnamese blogger Nguyen Lan Thang demands public trial

[2023-04-06] MEPs express great concern over the worsening human rights situation in Vietnam

[2023-04-03] MEPs travel to Vietnam to examine the human rights situation

[2023-04-03] Australia Should Raise Abuses During Vietnam Visit

[2023-03-31] Former prisoner of conscience harassed by Vietnamese police after release

[2023-03-30] Vietnam releases 2 prisoners of conscience before jail terms end

[2023-03-29] Vietnamese court upholds jail terms for couple over YouTube channel content

[2023-03-29] Vietnam, ILO sign decent work country programme for 2022-2026

[2023-03-28] Activist sentenced to 6 years for giving interviews to U.S.-based program

[2023-03-27] Vietnam: Drop Charges against Human Rights Activist

[2023-03-27] Freed Vietnamese political prisoner says guards made him work in jail without pay

[2023-03-22] Vietnam says it doesn’t know whereabouts of Chinese activist arrested last year

[2023-03-21] Vietnamese Activists Say Hanoi Adopting China's Model on Religious Policy

[2023-03-17] Vietnam arrests Facebook user for attempt to 'overthrow the state'

[2023-03-17]  VN: ICJ condemns the investigation of Professor Dang Dinh Manh because of the Tinh That Bong Lai case

[2023-03-13]  Vietnam accuses lawyers defending Buddhist group of ‘abusing democratic freedoms’

[2023-03-10]  U.N. Human Rights Council Opens with 70% Dictatorships

[2023-03-09]  Vietnam’s white book declares government guarantees religious freedom

[2023-03-07]  Vietnamese land rights activist in poor health in prison

[2023-03-07]  Vietnam police tell Church of God followers to renounce their faith

[2023-03-03]  Vietnamese authorities bar relatives, lawyers from meeting detained Facebooker

[2023-03-01]  Civil societies call on European Parliament to pressure Vietnam on human rights

[2023-02-28]  Six years in a windowless cell: Life in Thanh Hoa Prison No. 5

[2023-02-27]  Lawyers for Vietnamese Buddhist group investigated by authorities

[2023-02-23]  Vietnamese authorities prevent Christian group from meeting with U.S. diplomats

[2023-02-22]  Vietnam arrests Facebook user for allegedly posting ‘illegal content’

[2023-02-16]  UN rapporteurs concerned that Chinese activist arrested in Vietnam will be sent back

[2023-02-14]  Daughter of Chinese human rights defender speaks out against Vietnam's silence following arrest

[2023-02-14]  An Phuoc prison inmates say cellmates are bullying them

[2023-02-09]  Suffering from near total blindness, Vietnamese activist granted early prison release

[2023-02-07]  U.S. lawmakers call for release of Vietnamese prisoner of conscience

[2023-02-05]  Public Security Ministry orders detention of controversial academic

[2023-02-03]  Police complete investigation into prominent blogger in Vietnam

[2023-02-02]  Police summon Vietnamese activist for saying they took her money

[2023-01-30]  Vietnam Authorities must Be Accountable For The Mysterious Deaths Of Religious And Political Prisoners

[2023-01-30]  U.S. Human Rights Commission calls on Vietnam to release political prisoner

[2023-01-29]  International politicians, pressure groups ask Vietnam to free Australian activist

[2023-01-26]  UN condemns Vietnam’s detention of environmental activist

[2023-01-24]  International NGOs Call for Release of Prominent Environmental Defender in VN One Year After 5-Year Prison Sentence.

[2023-01-22]  Freed activist vows to continue fight against illegal toll booths

[2023-01-12]  HRW: Crackdown Extends to Activist Groups

[2023-01-09]  UN human rights experts demand explanation for detention of 18 Vietnamese activists




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